I fixed the glitches...

2008-05-04 23:33:17 by LXAstudios

There are no glitched on my new video. MARIO KICKS @$$!!1!


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2008-05-05 03:41:02

I would like to say that the animation with sprites in this video was great. With a low score of 2.03 I didn't expect much, but the animation is very nice. I can bet my life that the reason it is at the low 2's is because of the length and the fact that their are no sound effects. You can be getting high 3's if you added length, more plot, and sound effects. I encourage you to keep working with sprites unless you wanna keep going with your own drawings (which will pay off later in life if you wanna become an animator.) Also, the review is here because I never write reviews.

LXAstudios responds:

thank you