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2008-08-02 03:15:33 by LXAstudios

Its about a stick guy who doesnt look both ways.

New Flash


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2008-08-02 03:52:43



2008-08-02 13:55:53

1) Hardcore death industrial/black metal is my genre, if you wish to discuss this, please, take it up with my drummer, she'll tear you a new mouth, even our Neo-Nazi t-table dude is terrified of her.
2) I shall comment you, whenever the hell I please, freedom of speech.
3) Drop it. I don't care to be honest, I WILL admit I was being harsh, but I stand by what I say about stick animation being lazy, but I was harsh, and will admit so, I still didnt like it though, sorry if I've insulted you, I could have been more creatively critical, as I usually am. SO I apologise, I've been letting emotion control my hand lately, so I've been cruel, I shall be more level and fair in future.

Feel free to hold a grudge, but right now, I cant be bothered with one, I have bigger beasts to slay.