New Animanation!

2008-08-21 01:17:25 by LXAstudios

Made a new ANIMANATION. It involves the Jonas Fags getting killed. GO WATCH!

Its with Stick men again, to prove to "Dj-Toxic" or whatever, that im not gonna change the way, I animate, if he doesnt like it. Hopefully he will comment on the Flash, and not the Stickmen this time, well anyways, Thanks to the people who gave me positive reviews, and wanted me to make more. Well heres an other one! Go watch!!! :)

New Animanation!


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2008-08-22 15:03:19

Just thought I'd drop you a line.
I feel no hostility, and I'm not gonna make negative comments without a good constructive backing behind them.
I just thought I'd apologize for my previous behaviour, if you drop me a link to the video a negatively reviewed I'll happily vote a 5 on it for a few days to make up for whatever I voted last time.

Incidentally, we have a common enemy, TheElSalvador.
Saw your comment on "it's" latest blog, and I'm not fond of "it" either, in all honesty.
So I'd like to be friends, or at the very least call a truce.

Hope you can forgive my human ignorance.


LXAstudios responds:

No problem. "it" commented on my friends page. this is what he said to a 16 year old girl. "Apr. 28, 2008 | 3:20 PMTheElSalvador says:
Trying to entrap me are you, that'll never work. I've seen How to Catch a Predator and I aint buying that milk... from those jugs... Too much cleavage for a little girl of 15. When I was fifteen girls were forced to wear clothes, terrible times indeed."


2008-08-23 07:31:54

Wow it really does seem like it's paedophile.
it comments on every blog I post with some prejudiced or unprovoked agression.
Send me a PM when you get the chance.
I'll be sure to give you the votes to make up for the negativity.