Spongebob Smoking a Joint

2008-09-06 22:00:51 by LXAstudios

Spongebob's rise to fame is when he got his own hit Reality Tv show on Nickelodeon called "Spongebob Squarepants". He started out like how many normal stars start out. But that would soon change. Spongebob's career went downhill after he got his own movie "Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie"[1]. Sad story actually... This photograph was snapped by ametuer photographer Cod Finley, and caused his Show to be cancelled. Spongebob is currently in a Rehabilitation Center, due to his addiction with Drugs and Alcohol.

In other news, Spongebob's best friend Patrick Star[2] died recently in a street racing incident in downtown Bikini Bottom killing 2 other pedestrians. Patrick got his share of fame, when appearing in lots of episodes of "Spongebob Squarepants" and turned into a bit of a Bikini Bottom Celebrity. The incident occurred on Sept 4, at 2:34 Am, when Patrick and other local celebrity/boating teacher Mrs. Puff were street racing. Mrs. Puff pulled her breaks too early causing a bit of a mess, killing 3 other peoples(including Patrick Star) and giving herself Major Injuries. Her Boating license and teaching license were stripped and she is currently in Bikini Bottom Hospital healing. She refuses to be interviewed.

Spongebob Smoking a Joint


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2008-09-06 22:05:03

That was a sad story, spongebob will be sorely missed.....

LXAstudios responds:

He may have a come-back... But Patrick on the other hand... R.I.P


2008-09-06 22:05:26

This was Taken 5 days before Patrick's tragic Death, you can see his hand Spray painting.


2008-09-06 22:18:35

You should make your own Flash cartoon of Spongebob that kinda revolves around this...except the Patrick dying part...

LXAstudios responds:

I know, its sad. And Mrs. Puff is to blame. I never liked her in Spongebobs reality tv show


2008-09-06 22:28:03

lmao spongebob is a dickless faggot

yeah this would make a great flash!!

if you could get the voice right and mimic one of those celebrity documentaries, that would be fucking awesome

LXAstudios responds:

That my idea actually. To do an A&E Biography parody with Spongebob. I will see what i can do.


2008-09-06 22:31:32

that looks like crap

LXAstudios responds:

U Look like Crap. Oh yeah. I went there.


2008-09-07 12:37:07

Good luck with the A&E Spongebob Biography thing..its gonna be kickass

LXAstudios responds: